Orbital grip handles

Orbital grip handles

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Add-on item. This item only includes the Orbital grip handle, you will need to purchase additional items to unleash its full functionality. 

Orbital is an all-in-one modular training tool that can be used in any environment, enables the user to engage more muscle using less weight and can reduce impact injuries associated with traditional strength & conditioning training. 

The Orbital harness fits snugly around your slamball to increase its functionality. The two included grip handles allow you to use your slamball as a kettlebell and dumbell too. Additional parts can be purchased to make it into a sledgehammer, a barbell and much more...

This purchase includes:
1 x Orbital grip handle

Sizing information:
- Green harness fits smaller slamballs (typically up to 10kg)
- Yellow harness fits medium to large slamballs (typically 12kg to 15kg)
- Blue harness fits large slamballs (typically 20kg)
- all handles and attachments are universal and fit any size harness

Visit our YouTube channel to see instructions for fitting the harness and some demo workout videos (coming soon): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMP3ix-9uoRFh-YXPZg1hBw

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